Thursday, July 18, 2013


The complete audio of his show at the Lyceum Theatre on July 18th, 1975. A much more detailed recording than live album on Island Records.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I knew one day that this day would come. I didn't know when but I knew it would fucking come. And here it is. The end of the line. The last dance. The last of the mohicans. There comes a time when and where you have to move your talents to another platform. You see, I am out to be the best in everything I do. Not only am I out to be the best but I do it with discipline and principles. There are no shortcuts in achieving greatness. I want to be the best musician I can be and I also want to be the best visionary I can be. It is hard being both but that was the path that life chose for me. With that being said, to achieve being great at them I had to put in my work. Blogging helped me see the path in life that was carved out me. I started to blog simply because I loved music. Nothing more, nothing less. I wasn't using what I did to get in to free parties or events. I was simply rooted in sharing, and critiquing, on new music. While doing this, I built a certain confidence. I was already objective and more opinionated than all the other "known" blogs in this town so I figured to really give it a shot. I did at times lose focus because I felt that I wasn't getting the response I deserved. It was really difficult. Its hard when you feel like you are contributing so much time to something you love only to be dissed and unacknowledged. But if you really deeply love something, you will fight to make things work. So i pushed on, and as I pushed on the hits started to go up. And they have been going up ever since. People from all around the fucking world take time out of their day now to see what has been posted here and what we think about it. To me, that's remarkable. This tiny little Blogspot. Anything can be achieved as long as you believe it. By focusing on the positive and stepping up the posts, things took a turn for the good. So good that I see opportunity with this thing. The Screwface Exchange is now a business, people. A business that will serve as media platform and independent music label. Armed with a small but focused group of individuals, in a few years The Screwface Exchange will be a household name. It was great being here on Blogspot. I learned so much. The 10,000 hours of blogging to pay dues is up. Time to take our talents to a dotcom. That's right. We're stepping into the arena. After this post, there will be no more posts here. Visit us at from now on. Offa dis. Million!